Vision & Values

Our Vision

Building a Community of Schools – Inspiring Excellence in Everyone

Our aim is to support schools through collaboration. We will ensure that our members are able to provide an excellent education for children, families and communities they serve. We believe in freeing teachers and leaders from bureaucracy to concentrate on providing the very best teaching, learning, support and development that every child deserves.

The Strategic Aims of the Inspire Partnership MAT:

Inspiring Excellence
  • We inspire, engage, challenge and support all our
    children to achieve excellent learning outcomes,
    equipping them with the values, skills, qualities and
    aptitudes necessary to be responsible citizens in
    the future. We set high standards under a
    framework of excellent teaching, and focus on
    continual improvement.
  • We are committed to continually developing a
    highly effective team of people with a shared
    passion to deliver the best possible outcomes. We
    provide our people with an environment to
    continually develop, where they can teach, grow
    and build a career and are supported to do their
    best work.
  • Best practice across the Trust with clear oversight
    and budgeting ensures we have financial
    sustainability, resilience and value for money
    across the Trust.
  • We provide a safe and excellent learning
    environment for everyone.
Inspiring Futures
  • Our people matter and the future life chances of
    our children depend on them. Effective leadership
    and succession planning is essential, and we are
    committed to developing the potential of all our
    people, recognising achievement and creating
  • We have a clear strategy for the growth of our
  • We have an ambition to be the best at what we do
    and to be the first choice for pupils and parents.
Inspiring Partnerships
  • Our family of schools serve unique communities
    with their own distinct characteristics. We believe in
    maintaining individuality, whilst harnessing the
    power of working together.
  • As a family of schools, we take collective
    responsibility for optimum outcomes for all
    children, sharing best practice, collaborating and
    challenging one another to deliver excellent
    teaching and learning.
  • We understand the importance of working
    constructively with a wide range of partner
    organisations and the advantage to all children of
    shared learning and expertise.
  • Across the Trust there are strong governance
    structures, where challenge and support are
Inspiring Individuality
  • We encourage a learning culture that allows for
    individuality, developing each child’s independence,
    optimising their life chances and promoting a
    can-do attitude.
  • We acknowledge and encourage the individual
    ethos of each of our schools.
  • We foster a culture of the highest professional
    standards, establishing a set of core principles with
    respect at the heart of all we do.
  • Our people are at the heart of all we do, and their
    wellbeing is paramount to ensuring a happy, caring
    and safe environment.

Our Values